A Story of Letting Go Someone Important in My Life~

Monday, January 5, 2009

It has been a while that I haven't blog. Nothing much I could express but one thing for sure I had to let go one person that is hard for me to let him go in my life.


Me and Najib, there's no more relationship between us. No more "in a relationship" thingy, "open relationship" nor "it's complicated". Its an end. What holds us together now is just a FRIENDSHIP.

It was very hard for me, but thanks to Najib, he acted cool and didn't join my soberness.

Abang, thanks for everything. You taught me a lot about life, about compromising, sacrifices, not always have what I always wanted, etc. Sometimes, things that we planned would never happen or not even close. This is hard for me that you're leaving. We couldn't predict things in the future even though we thought that we felt the aura was so strong. We are still young. Our wants and needs are different. This is the best for us.

I couldn't imagine how my life would be if there is no you through out my whole process of learning about life in my university years. You were always there when I need you, but not all the time. You made me strong. You believe in me in times when I don't even believe in myself.

You were always be the good one in our relationship whilst I am on the other hand. People were always pity of you having me as your girl but I didn't care of people's say. What I care was your say. I was very strong headed, but you toned me down. You're an obedient child, whilst I am not. I can see you being successful but I couldn't see who would be your iron lady.

I would love to.

But, waiting and waiting for you to be at the summit, is not the kind of idea that I am fond of. You would always be the career type, and I will always be the family type. It is a complement for each other but the timing is just not right.

I need my space to learn about life my own way. Without having you by my side as.

Go chase your dreams. Make me proud.

People changes, so am I and you. What would never change is - I LOVE YOU.

p/s: Thanks for the memories...