Monday, March 23, 2009

School will be finishing in 2 weeks time...

Rasa sedih pulak bila fikirkan that school is ending and that life will be different after that. Whom I'm gonna miss most are: Tuan Lee, Mr. Bashir, Miss Hajran and Prof. Rajesh...

Yes, Prof. Rajesh...

Despite his fussiness, he reminds me alot of my granpa. Walaupun marah-marah, perli-perli kitorg, tapi I know, he loves us so much. Being tortured in his class (especially part kena tahan kencing sbb dia xkasi kuar), being his Registrar and being speechless and scriptless (xleh blah dia punyala menghayati watak dia smpai dah abis hearing pon kena belakon lagi). Hehe.. You guys know dat right??

I'm gonna miss how all the lecturers loves us so much and want us to be the best among the best. I can see how high expectation they put on us.

I will not dissapoint you. A lawyer, a judge, a DPP, corporate lawyer, legal advisor, whomever I might be, I will be the best.

And I hope that my frog prince will always be there for me... (A Really Big Wish)


It's all about fate...

Huh... Sayunye skolah dah nak abis.... :-(

A Phone Call~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Najib called this morning when I arrived at the faculty to ask how am I doing, and he was about to go to sleep (what he always did when we were together). We talked for about 2 minutes.

I cried.


I have no idea.

Do you know why? Tell me please...

Being Odd~

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life has been wonderful to me (despite the serious weight gain, pimples, broke etc).

Last weekend, my sis came to my house and we had a very bondage hang out together with my frog prince. I didn't manage to kite-flying due to the heavy rain but we managed to picnic IN THE CAR! Hahahaha! Had a very wonderful double-dosage-coffee with my sis and frog prince which ended up me being extra dizzy and did vomit. Duh.

But that was not the point.

The point is that I am much more happier than before! I can now face the fact that Najib now is not here and so does Fadia. I have friends over here and my family and my sis to make me alive. I love all of u! :-D

Met my old friend on the net and had chatted like the whole day was ours. Love ya bro! Mmmuahh!!


What kept me still thinking is whether Mama would accept to whom I am being friends with. The odd ones.